Our owner-managed company was founded in 1988 and is specialized in CNC-precision technology. In the area of metal processing we offer our clients professional production, manufacturing and service. Our high engineering level allows for metal chipping, remodeling, hydroforming as well as punching and bending. Manufacturing techniques such as hard machining, turning and milling ensure a high efficiency in manufacturing precision parts for e.g. chassis, engines, machines, medical technology as well as the scientific equipment manufacturing. Contact our specialists concerning the development of  technologies for production, maintenance and standard reprocessing/regeneration of e.g. components, assemblies and wearing parts.


  • automobile industry

  • power engineering

  • aerospace industry

  • mechanical engineering

  • medical technology

  • scientific equipment manufacturing

  • military technology

Quality management

The management system arranges all organizational procedures, ensures the operating safety, detects defects and initiates if required the necessary corrective actions. This is how we ensure our client satisfaction.

Enthusiastic about metal technology and engineering

We are excited about the different opportunities of metal processing that are available today and fascinated by the historical beginnings in the past. A reading recommendation: the Polytechnic Journals, which have been digitalized in the past years and are available to anyone.

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We offer traineeships as part of a study program or an apprenticeship in the areas of metal processing and CNC-technology. We are aware of the importance of practical experiences especially at the beginning of a career. The trainees gain insight in professional installation of component parts and manufacturing of construction designs.

Requirements are interest in craftsmanship, the material metal and willingness to learn. If you are open-minded to new people, situations, ideas and technologies and possess a quick readiness of mind you might fit perfectly into our team!

Start your career with us. We are looking forward to meeting you.

Please send your informative application which indicates the period of time you are available (at least four weeks), your main area of traineeship and your major field of study in digital format to